So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

So Long...

After 9 years and 63 releases, it’s time to close the doors at Nerve and Nerve Breaks.

It’s been a fun journey and I’d like to think we’ve introduced the world to some amazing new producers and released some amazing music along the way. We released the debut material from artists such as Noisia and Psidream and early tracks from the likes of SKC and Gridlok, and even to the last we’ve got an amazing debut ep from new producer Y2D.

To go out with a bang we’ve got three final releases. First up we’ve got the final release on Nerve Breaks from the amazing Ronin. His Battledrums 2 EP is even better than the first installment so hop on over and fill yer boots. Next up with the final EP on Nerve we’ve got a brilliant new talent in the shape of Aberdonian Y2D. His “Devolve” EP is a top quality 4 tracker of rollers topped off with some old skool tech-step goodness. And last but not least for Nerve030 – Saburuko goes head to head with Morphy. As well as being two amazing producers, these guys are also two of my favourite people in the world so I’m really happy to have them bring things to a close.

From now on I’ll be focusing on my Phuturelabs project – it’s a magazine type blog and we’re launching the Phuturelabs label in the next month or two so keep an eye out! I’ll also be DJ’ing mostly under that name in future and taking a break from my residency at Xplicit in Edinburgh and won’t be dj’ing drum n bass as much anymore.

Before I finish I’d like to thank Pyro, we started the label together and even if he hasn’t been involved recently, his presence on the label was still clear right to the end. I’d also like to thank Nick from YUVa.TV – he created both versions of the Nerve logo and designed all the vinyl artwork and up until recently he also worked on the artwork for the digital releases. The whole look and feel of Nerve was created by him and he did a top job! Also thanks to all the brilliant producers that have let us release their work and thanks to anyone who’s ever listened to any of our releases.

This site will remain live so if you haven’t heard all of our releases – have a wander round the Nerve and Nerve Breaks discographies and get a-downloading.

So in the words of the late, great Douglas Adams – So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.