Paul Reset & Michael Rivera – Sketch

EMU E6400 Sampler

Time for some more digging in the archives! This was a track that I worked on with New York based producer Michael Rivera in 2000/2001. It was originally planned for NERVE002 – but then SKC came along and all plans went out the window!

I met Michael online as he ran Inflection Records and introduced me to the aforementioned Hungarian super producer as he released a couple of his tracks as the first release on Inflection. We decided to start work on a tune and this is the fruit of our labour. I don’t think it ever really got properly finished and the working title of “Sketch” seemed apt so we left it at that. The track was started by myself in Modplug Tracker and then worked on by Michael in Cubase while also utilising the glorious filters in the Emu E6400 Ultra sampler.

Recently Michael’s been doing a bit of dj’ing techno but is getting back into drum n bass so hopefully we’ll see more productions from him soon. Enjoy, and remember – it was written about 8 years ago!

Paul Reset & Michael Rivera – Sketch