NJC – Xmas Xtras – free album for download


Artist: NJC
Released: December 14th 2009

Tracklisting – click track title for 320kbps MP3 download

1: “The Roof Party (feat Innerheart)”

2: “Generic”

3: “Hub Dole (feat The Marvelous)”

4: “Zipper”

5: “Ras Baby”

6: “Bosa Bosa”

7: “Norbital State”

8: “Desi Flo (vs DSD)”

9: “Stand and Deliver (feat The Marvelous)”

10: “Be Real (feat Irie J)”

11: “Gold Leaf”

12: “Perfect Love”

13: “Turners Bass (feat Mr Lee)”

14: “National Anthem”

Paul Reset’s notes:

I first discovered NJC’s work through his “Feelz Good” track on L Plates, I played the tune to death, got in touch and we did the tune swapping thing for a good few years, again and again he delivered dancefloor smasher after smasher (“Lose It” on Function was another big fave) and was a big feature of my sets for many years. He’s been off working in other genre’s for the past coupla years (explained further below) but now he’s back with an album of unreleased tunes now available on iTunes and he’s kindly given us this 14 track album of brilliant drum n bass, downtempo, dubstep and electronica as a wee taster for it!

Some linear notes if you will….

All of the music from the NJC Xmas Xtras are tracks that have been produced over the last 8 years by Nat Clarkson. Some of them have been made in the last 3 years and have slipped the net whilst Nat has been producing with bands and new artists. You may remember some of the DnB tracks as they were floating around during 2003/2005. Tracks like Hub Dole and Stand and Deliver were made with UK band The Marvelous whilst Nat was producing their debut album during 2007. Nat says “It was a nice break to explore the different sounds of live music along with dance production, we had fun making the tracks and thats important”. Nat was asked to do a remix of the National Anthem which is the last track in the downloads – this was a joke really but worth sharing with everyone…

NJC is currently working on new DnB for release in 2010 and also co-runs Ambiel Music with Gordon Mulrain and Dance Regime with Chris Grabiec which are 2 independent labels. Ambiel Music is geared towards bands, solo acts, experimental and non-hard dance music. Dance Regime is geared towards harder dance and electronic music. These labels are still under development.

To tie in with this free download NJC has put out an album of unreleased DnB tracks from 2003-2005, now available at iTunes.

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