Nerve EP 006 – Pyro – The Modules EP

NERVEEP006 artwork

Cat No: NERVEEP006
Artist: Pyro
Released: October 9th 2009

Tracklisting – click track title for 320kbps MP3 download

1: “War On Error” – Pyro & 154

2: “Listen Up” – Pyro, CRS & Mundane

3: “Machines” – Pyro & Dubbilan

4: “Facem” – Pyro & Amex

Paul Reset’s notes:

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Pyro release on Nerve (although he picked the tracks for the brilliant New Frontiers EP) and this collaborations project has been a year in the making – but it’s definitely been worth the wait! Defo showing Pyro at the top of game production wise. Showing that the techno dnb thing can be done so well without falling into any of the cliche’s unfortunately associated with the genre. You’ll find no noisy, hard as hell tracks here – only top quality techno dnb with a groove.

I won’t waffle on as the tracks speak for themselves – from the minimal but funk packed “War on Error” through to the flat 4/4 tough as you like groove on “Listen Up” via the downtempo ambience of “Machines” and finishing up on a harder, darker tip with “Facem”.

Pyro explains the concept behind the EP:

This EP is rooted in my fascination for techno and the whole dj tool approach to dj’ing. Most dnb tracks sit somewhere inbetween a song structure and a dj tool but I wanted to take things completely away from the home listener and deep into the heart of the club. So I encourage you to use these in any way you can. Loop them, cut them up, mix them digitally, whatever you can think of do it!

The collaborators on the EP also have their own brilliant material to check out – watch out for 154’s new techno/trance project – Binturong, CRS has just had his first solo release signed to Perkussiv and Dubbilan runs his own audio/visual media company called Juvul. As for Amex, his name will need no introduction for fans of techno dnb and he’s been causing huge waves in the scene for a couple of years now.

Fore more info on Pyro check out his Myspace page.