Nerve EP 005 – Morphy – The Dubtopia EP + bonus tracks

Nerveep005 artwork
(photograph copyright Joanna Ford)

Cat No: NERVEEP005
Artist: Morphy
Released: 2009

Tracklisting – click track title for 320kbps MP3 download

1: Hermies

2: Version

3: Warren Dub

4: Samfie Man

Extra tracks:

5: Version (Morphy’s Ruff’n’tuff Original)

6: Warren Dub (Enuui rmx)

7: Samfie Man (Aeroplane Dope rmx)

8: Version (Paranoise rmx)

Paul Reset’s notes:

After making his Nerve debut with the epic “Samsara” on NERVE023 and contributing two brilliant tracks to “The Intercity EP” (NERVEEP002), it was definitely time for Morphy to showcase his talent over the course of a full artist EP.

Each of the four tracks show a slightly different side to Morphy’s production talent – from the full on dancefloor smasher that is “Hermies” to the dubby darkness of “Version” via the smokey dub vibes of “Warren Dub” before finishing on the skankin dancefloor number that is “Samfie Man”.

To add a little extra flavour to the package we decided to have some remixes done and include the original of “Version”. Aeroplane Dope’s “Samfie Man” remix drops the tempo and takes the track down the dubstep route whereas Enuui’s remix of “Warren Dub” is on an ambient dub tip – keeping the same smokey atmosphere of the original but taking things down a notch. Paranoise brings a dark, doomy dubstep vibe to “Version” – upping the dirt factor even more! To close the package, Morphy always felt that original of “Version” deserved a release as it has a raw energy quite different to the final mastered version, I agreed and here it is!

Morphy has been performing his live set around Scotland recently and we highly recommend checking it out. For more info on Morphy – check his Myspace page.

Thanks to Kendo at BigDoodleDesign for the design help!

Morphy’s notes on the Dubtopia EP:

Samfie Man started out life as a fairly mellow dubwise number with a Jamaican dancehall feel to the beats. However one day I went overboard pitch-shifting and re-sampling the results over and over again. This resulted in the insane hookline which I am often asked about. I think Samfie Man is my favourite track on the EP and one of the tracks I am most proud of to this day.

Warren Dub was really just a straight dub track where I had laid down a bassline, piano parts and then recorded myself playing melodica along to the groove. The dubs were then performed “live” on the mixing desk using outboard vintage effects. The best bits of these dubbed out sessions were compiled and edited together to create the final track.

Morphy’s notes on the bonus tracks:

Version (Morphy’s Ruff’n’tuff Original) – this is the original mixdown of Version that was done initially for playing out. Although I went back in to work further on the track this original mixdown has always had a certain raw appeal about it that the more refined and polished Version seemed to lack so I thought it would be fun to let the original version see the light of day!

Samfie Man (Aeroplane Dope Remix) – when he isn’t producing exciting new dubstep and drum&bass or performing lead vocals for his reggae crossover act Mega Dub, Aeroplane Dope is a busy remixing. This is certified with this superb dubstep remix of Samfie Man where he slows the vibes down to a heavy skanked out pace whilst keeping the pressure on. For more information about Aeroplane Dope check his Myspace page.

Warren Dub (Enuui Remix) – having ran the successful leftfield d’n’b label Exegene for several years as well as working on a variety of diverse production and engineering projects Enuui (aka Cube) is no stranger to music. On this beautifully crafted remix he re-samples and re-processes every texture from the original Warren Dub beyond the call of duty and delivers a lush dubby ambient house track. Superb stuff. For more information about Ennui check his blog.

Version (Paranoise Remix) – Polish dubstep maestro Paranoise can normally be found behind the decks at Edinburgh’s hugely popular Volume night where he lights up the dance with the freshest beats around and his own tightly honed productions. Twisting up the components from the original Version he re-creates the track as a brooding and menacing dubstep number that lulls you into a false sense of security with dubbed out soundscapes before dropping a tearing hook out of nowhere! For more information on Paranoise check his Myspace page.