Nerve EP 002 – Various – The Intercity EP

Nerveep001 artwork

Cat No: NERVEEP002
Artists: Morphy / Velocet / Paul Reset / Kiat / Linden / 9 Tails Fox / BZ / The Figures of the Lost Dawn
Released: 2008

Tracklisting – click track title for 320kbps MP3 download

1: “Ruffneck” – Morphy

2: “Awaken Life” – Velocet & Paul Reset

3: “Island Rock” – Morphy & Kiat

4: “Day By Day” – Linden

5: “Tenma” – 9 Tails Fox

6: “Positive Vibes” – BZ

7: “Go With The Flaw” – Velocet

8: “Not In My Town” – The Figures of the Lost Dawn

Paul Reset’s notes:

I’d realised that there was a huge amount of quality production talent in Scotland and no real showcase of this talent. So I decided to put this EP together. Basically I wanted to get the best Scottish drum n bass producers in one place to show off the talent to the world! The EP is fairly varied style wise – ranging from Morphy’s dubby rollers to BZ’s jump up tinged beats and even with some spacey downtempo towards the end.

The artwork is actually a map of Scotland but I’m not 100% sure how obvious that is…..

Also here’s the press release that went out with the MP3s to the press etc – I thought it was fairly amusing and also has all the Myspace links etc for the artists so is functional as well as (very slightly) humorous!

Press release

With a history of invention spanning such diverse creations as the telephone, golf and economics, Scotland has proven itself to be at the forefront of well, basically, genius. To prove this once again, Nerve Recordings have focused on this part of the world for it’s new release – The Intercity EP, featuring producers spread the length and breadth of Scotland (with a guest appearance from Singapore). From the dubby beats of Morphy to the techy futurism of Velocet, most of the sub genre’s of drum n bass make an appearance here and show the quality and diversity of the production talent in the country. Starting with the tough beats of “Ruffneck” through to Linden’s smooth roller “Day by Day” and finishing on two slabs of downtempo in the shape of Velocet’s epic “Go With The Flaw” and the doom laden sounds of “Not In My Town” from the Figures of the Lost Dawn.


With a love of dub so strong, you’d think he had an echo box for a heart, Morphy has carved a niche for himself in drum n bass with his releases on labels such as Function, Horizons and Direct. Popping up twice on the EP, first with “Ruffneck” – a chunky half time dub monger finding favour with fans of drum n bass and dubstep alike and being joined by Singapore’s number 1 dj and producer Kiat on his second outing – “Island Rock”, a combination of crisp breaks and killer sub bass sure to smash up any dancefloor.

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Islay born Velocet splits his time between making the finest bread in Glasgow and making beats on his beloved Logic Audio. Again making two appearances on the EP, firstly, joined by Paul Reset on the techy dnb monster that is “Awaken Life” and secondly on his tod and in epic downtempo mode with “Go With The Flaw”.

More info – you will know him by the trail of the bread…


Dundee based Linden made his debut on Nerve Recordings earlier this year with the Hidden EP featuring 4 chunks of full on techy dnb. Here, he takes things down a gear and delivers 7 minutes of rollin beats and bass in the shape of “Day by Day”, once again demonstrating why he’s been tipped for the top by many.

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9 Tails Fox:

The shadowy figure of the one known as 9 Tails Fox is often spoken about in hushed tones and occasionally referred to simply as “The Scottish Producer”. No one is entirely sure what he looks like, and this track was delivered on DAT by a vulture bearing a wax-sealed letter reading “abandon all hope ye who doth hear these breaks”. The track, “Tenma” uses crystal clean breaks and dark atmospherics underpinned by a bassline guaranteed to shake your rib cage.

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Motherwell based BZ has made a name for himself as one of the top MC’s in Scotland whilst building up a reputation for producing high quality hard edged beats. He makes his debut here with the techy tinged jump up flavours of “Positive Vibes”.

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The Figures of the Lost Dawn:

A meeting of minds between Scottish producers Martin BSE and Paul Reset came to fruition in the form of The Figures of the Lost Dawn. Both producers left behind their own native genre’s to carve out this dark piece of downtempo electronica.

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