Nerve Breaks 020 – Ronin – The Battledrums 2 EP

NB020 artwork

Cat No: NB020
Artist: Ronin
Released: 16th June 2010

Tracklisting – click track title for 320kbps MP3 download

1: “That Golden Rule”

2: “Small”

3: “Koyoshira”

4: “Hey Joe”

5: “The Battledrums 2 EP (seamless mix)”

Paul Reset’s notes:

After 7 years, it’s time to bring Nerve Breaks to a close and I couldn’t think of a better artist for the final release. After totally blowing me away with his “Best Laid Plans” debut LP and the original “Battledrums EP”, I was all ears when Ronin told me that he’d almost finished work on the follow up – “Battledrums 2”.

This time it’s Biffy Clyro and Portishead that get the Ronin treatment amongst others and he’s outdone himself with these tracks. Huge soundscapes are coated in jaw dropping drums and hooks a-plenty, it’s brilliantly heavy but packed to the brim with atmosphere and depth.

I’ll let Ronin himself tell you more:

Where the first EP served to show a tougher edge to my output, this one is hopefully more of a balanced effort. Subtler stuff like the “Small” remix, although it still ends up pretty punchy, starts off kinda reminiscent of the chilled shit I started out doing, i think that serves as a nice counterpoint to the heavier stuff like “Golden Rule”.

Musically, I’m very happy with this EP, I’m using a wider variety of techniques than ever before, coming from the sample based MPC/Decks background, things like working with Sandie and Adam on “Koyoshira” were a huge challenge for me but I think it comes together really well.

That whole violin part was put down in one take and mostly improvised, pretty amazing to watch! Trying to move the track with that violin part led me to really start experimenting and opened me up to a lot of stuff I’d never considered before, I’d definetly like to do some more work in that vein.

The quality control was high on this one, I wanted to do something pretty impressive since the first BattleDrums got a bit of attention. Any fans of my previous output should know what to expect from this but it’s a further evolution again so there could be a few surprises in there, the “Hey Joe” remix is the kind of track I’ve wanted to do for a long time, a bit more progressive and experimental than anything on my last EP.

I’m really just trying to keep my stuff evolving and avoid repeating myself – it’s too easy to let your output get stagnant once you’ve found a formula that works, I think that’s where a lot of acts in my field have fallen down in the past. I was really concious of that when putting this EP together, hopefully it reflects in the finished thing.

Look out for material from Ronin our forthcoming Phuturelabs imprint and keep an eye on his Myspace for more info on releases.