Nerve Breaks 013 – Diazepam – The Departure EP

NB013 art

Cat No: NB013
Artist: Diazepam
Released: September 26th 2009

Tracklisting – click track title for 320kbps MP3 download

1: Departure

2: Autumn Tides

3: Distances

4: Sunkheart

Paul Reset’s notes:

I stumbled across “Departure” on Diazepam’s Soundcloud page and it literally blew me away – an absolutely beautiful slice of downtempo beats with slick production and an epic feel. I dropped Diazepam a message and after hearing more of his material, knew I had to get some of his work signed up for Nerve Breaks!

Each of the tracks stand alone as beautiful pieces of music, with the tempo reaching as high as 170 on “Distances” without losing any of the space and atmosphere, but I highly recommend listening to the EP from start to finish to get the full experience. I think the tracks sound like a meeting of minds between Max Richter and Burial and the production is on a par with both of those amazing producers.

Diazepam is a 19 year old Parisian and this is his debut release, I’m extremely proud to have him on-board and hope we’ll see much more from him in the future!
Find out more about him on his Myspace page.

Diazepam’s notes:

I’ve been making tunes for about 2 years now. I don’t really belong to a specific style, and my productions simply reflects my desire to blend acoustic instruments and minimal electronic atmospheres. Also, I would like to personally thank Paul for believing in me and letting me release my debut EP! Enjoy !