Nerve Breaks 010 – Basepair – Selected tracks & remixes from 1998 to 2001


Cat No: NB010
Artist: Basepair
Released: 2009

Nerve Breaks bursts into life for 2009! First up in our new release schedule is an EP from my good friend Basepair – lovely mixture of breaks, ambience, drum n bass and downtempo bizness. I’ll let Basepair explain more! Find out more about Basepair

Tracklisting and info – click track title for 320kbps MP3 download

All were completed using Emagic Logic Audio sequencer running on a PC, Yamaha QY70 tone module, SU10 sampler and various outboard rack gear. As with all my tunes I like to mess about with stereo panning/ phasing and including sub bass in my tunes. A decent set of speakers or quality headphones to listen on are recommended…..

“Code 420 (Basepair rmx)” by Paul Reset vs The Noisy Minority – remixed by Basepair


From 2002. An unreleased remix submitted for Nerve Breaks 004 which didn’t make it onto the pressing. Quite a dark moody version & one I really enjoyed working on at the time. Additional mastering by the Rephase Engineer.

“Mobius Incursion”


From March 2001. Minimal dnb track with some harsh stabs, spacey pads and sub bass action…..

“Ambient Journey Trip”

From May 2001. Recorded this live using just my voice, two mics and a handful of delay pedals which I manipulated on the fly.

“Another Day (Beginning of)”

From early 1999. Begins with ambient samples I recorded in and around Byres Road in Glasgow’s West End, June 98. Features Iain Kennedy on Trumpet.

“Good Looking”


From late 1998 I think. Written in the classical form of the “Rondo”!
Submitted at the time as part of my music degree portfolio. Begins with some samples I took from the Shipping Forecast. Features Iain Kennedy on Trumpet.

“Claustraphobe” (Open Source mix)- by Piccardo – remixed by Basepair.

From April 2001. Guitar by Piccardo. At the time I had been messing about remixing a couple of Piccardo’s songs and this quickly became my favourite. Had to do a lot of editing on the guitar parts so that the delays and pitch shifting worked. You can hear some audio artefacts caused by the pitch shifting in places which I quite like.


From June 2000. Started (and almost completed) after returning from a heavy night of d’n’b clubbing in Glasgow. The seashore samples were recorded on Westport beach near Campbeltown on the Mull of Kintyre.

“Place in your Mind (Boom Boom dub mix)”- by Moje, remixed by Basepair

From 2001 I think. The things that sound like tom drums are actually children’s toy bats for playing tennis with.

Basepair and Paul Reset getting drunk on Islay, pretending to discuss this EP..

Paul and Kieran on Islay