Nerve Breaks 008 – Subscience/Hedrock Valley Beats

Tom Subscience

Cat No: NB008
Artist: Subscience / Hedrock Valley Beats
Released: 2005

Tracklisting – click track title for 320kbps MP3 download

A: “Plaedoh” – Subscience

AA: “Darklight (Subscience remix)” – Hedrock Valley Beats

Paul Reset’s notes:

I’ve already given a bit of background info on Subscience on the NB007 notes so I won’t go over it again. Needless to say – after the amazing remix he turned in for that release – I was keen to have more material from him on NB. I snapped up Plaedoh as I thought it was an amazing bit of breaks – lovely, clean drums, nice bass, quality atmosphere and so on. I had planned to have this as a vinyl release, my distributor however had other ideas. They were initially keen on the release and then went a bit strange – asking if we could remove the “ravey” stabs. Amusingly these days they’d be asking if we could rave it up even more…aren’t musical fashions fun.

Neither myself nor Tom were keen to change the track to keep a distributor happy so we put this out as the first MP3 only release on NB.

I still love the track as much as the day I first heard it, Tom’s gone on to bigger and better things with his Konx-Om-Pax project, working on video and artwork for labels like Warp and artists like Jamie Lidell and Hudson Mohawke and I highly recommend you check out his stuff.

For the flip, Tom had produced two remixes of HVB’s “Darklight” from NB003. This one was my preferred version, a nice stripped back electro-esque number that keep the atmosphere of the original but completely changed the vibe.