Nerve 023 – Isotone/Morphy

Nerve 023 artwork

Cat No: NERVE023
Artist: Isotone / Morphy
Released: 2008

Tracklisting – click track title for 320kbps MP3 download

A: “Water Dragon” – Isotone

AA: “Samsara” – Morphy

Extra track:

AA: “Samsara (Original Demo)” – Morphy

Paul Reset’s notes:

Release number 23 was always going to be an important one for us, and in the end it turned out to be our final vinyl release. After nearly seven years of releasing on vinyl we decided that we had kinda lost the desired fight required to continue with it. We’d seen our way through 4 distributors (2 of which had went bankrupt) and had kinda lost the will to jump through the hoops that are required to get vinyl released these days. Releasing materially digitally gave us back the complete control which was of utmost importance to us.

So we were very happy to finish our vinyl campaign with this – in my opinion, one of our strongest 12’s. We had worked with Isotone before and had planned to release a track of his before on the ill-fated NERVE016X and were happy to have him onboard with this absolute killer of a track. Hard, heavy techy beats are in full force here and this one smashed up many a dancefloor.

For the flip we snapped up a track that was (and still is) very special to me personally. Morphy has been a good friend of mine for many years – we co-ran the LiveVEvil event in Glasgow from 2000-2005 and in the years since then have been residents at Xplicit in Edinburgh and played many a gig together and had many a drunken session (which kinda inspired the artwork) in various clubs and establishments. When I first heard this track it was in the slightly more stripped down original version you can download above but I absolutely loved it. Hypnotic and deep but with a tough dancefloor edge, Morphy went back in on it before release and toughened it up a bit and that version made the cut in the end but both versions are worth checking it.

Morphy’s notes:

It’s been years since I heard the original demo of this. Listening to it now as I type brings back a lot of good memories. I do much prefer the final version that got released as it feels complete to me…. but it’s also interesting to listen to the more sparse ideas I had back then.

Here’s how it came together….

It was 2005 and the weather up in the North of Scotland was glorious. One of my friends remarked on the “indian summer” we were having. Her comment stayed in my head as an idea for a summery track with an eastern feel to it.

I set to work chopping up tabla slices and sitar notes and created the track Indian Summer – a tabla-fueled workout with intricate drum edits.

The track – with a revised name “Samsara” – was sent to Cube at Exegene who promptly signed it up, but it was eventually replaced with a more dubwise track that suited the release better.

My good friend and Nerve head honcho Paul Reset had been playing the track and including it in his DJ mixes for some time and had expressed interest in releasing it on a 12″ for Nerve. This was of course great news but as time lagged on (as it does in this industry) the original track felt a bit stale and it struck me that a re-vamp was due!

In 2007 – two years after the original demo had been created – I sat down to create the final version of the track, adding some ruff’n’tuff amens and a more dubby feel to the bassline and the echoing textures – more in keeping with the Morphy sound!

Once again – artwork duties were carried out by the guys at Yuva.TV.