Nerve 019 – Cartridge/Pyro & Jesta feat Techtronix

Nerve 019 artwork

Cat No: NERVE019
Artist: Cartridge / Pyro & Jesta feat Techtronix
Released: 2006

Tracklisting – click track title for 320kbps MP3 download

A: “Edge City” – Cartridge

AA: “Cho” – Pyro & Jesta feat Techtronix

Extra tracks:

AA: “Cho (Malsum rmx)” – Pyro & Jesta feat Techtronix

AA: “Cho (Implex rmx)” – Pyro & Jesta feat Techtronix

Paul Reset’s notes:

I’d been keeping an eye on Cartridge’s beats for a while and this track was my favourite of his. It has a wicked old skool feel to it – nice rolling breaks and big chunky techstep stabs rolled up in a quality package! He’s unfortunately not really writing any more drum n bass these days but has a rather cool band called Lazersnake which I recommend you check out.

And onto “Cho” – well we had the idea of running a wee remix competition online with this one – with the winning mix being featured on the Mp3 release when the 12″ came out. Unfortunately we hit even more stumbling blocks with distribution at this point and we ended up getting quite a bit of grief from people on forums for taking ages to announce the winner of the competition etc and get the release sorted. In the end we chose Malsum’s amazing remix as the winner – with Implex’s a close second and here they are for your listening pleasure!

The original was an epic piece of rolling techy dnb – the kind that Pyro specialises in! The remixes upped the dancefloor factor a little but kept the atmosphere.

Once again – artwork duties were carried out by the guys at Yuva.TV.

Pyro’s Notes:

This was a pretty out there 12 even for Nerve at the time. Cho is an interestting tune,  a lot of people give me lots of credit for it but it was really mostly written by Stuart Jesta.  I just touched it up and possibly made the mixdown worse  haha.  The Cho remix competition was a bit of a nightmare, loosing distro right after we announced the competition! We got some very creative entries though and it all worked out ok in the end.  I remember thinking that Edge City didnt get the attention it deserved. I would’ve liked to see Cartridge spend a bit more time in the dnb scene, there was even talk of a collaboration between me and him at one point.