Nerve 017 – Basic Operations and Chino

Nerve 017 artwork

Cat No: NERVE017
Artist: Basic Operations and Chino
Released: 2005

Tracklisting – click track title for 320kbps MP3 download

A: Day After Tomorrow

AA: Bahia

Paul Reset’s notes:

I’d been a big fan of Basic Operations tunes for a while and was keen to get something from them for Nerve. After swapping dubs with the guys for a while, they sent over these two tracks (“Bahia” was at that time called “15 Minutes” and I called it for that for ages – even after they’d corrected me time and time again, think I might even have called it “15 Minutes” on the press sheets that went with the promos – memory like a sieve me!) and I just totally fell in love with em.

“Day After Tomorrow” is a perfect amen number – big crashing drums and lush sub with beautiful atmospherics. On the flip “Bahia” is pretty much the perfect liquid number also! Top quality beats and bass, cracking vocal hook – what more could you ask for!!

Basic Ops later split into two factions – Atlantic Connection and Focus – I highly recommend checking them both out as they’re both still knocking out amazing beats!!

Chino later went on to release some more cracking tunes for DJ SS’s New Identity and Renegade Recordings amongst others.

Once again – artwork duties were carried out by the guys at Yuva.TV.