Nerve 013 – Fission

Nerve 013 artwork

Cat No: NERVE013
Artist: Fission
Released: 2004

Tracklisting – click track title for 320kbps MP3 download

A: Pyramids

AA: Luxor

Paul Reset’s notes:

After hearing Fission’s amazing release on Friction’s old label Transparent I was keen to get some tunes from the guys. After swapping dubs for a while and doing the ol’ AIM thang I eventually signed up two tracks from the guys – “Osirion” and “Luxor” – there were about 10 others I wanted from the guys but we went with those two to start with!

After being sent to mastering, it turned out that “Osirion” was a tad crunched on the mixdown and the mastering guys couldn’t stop it distorting. The track sounded fine for playing out, but mastering and pressing to vinyl would unfortunately distort it more. So I went back to the Fission guys and had a chat with Pyro about an alternative track and “Pyramids” jumped out – a big monster of a tune! A more than ample replacement!

Incase you’re wondering what “Osirion” sounded like, here ya go.


The track on the flip “Luxor” is dark as ya like doomy dnb – I absolutely love it, the atmosphere, the kinda unsettling breaks etc.

Probably one of the hardest 12s we ever released but defo one of the best. Fission ended up splitting into two factors – Fission and Kaiser – both went on to have more killer releases and represent Puerto Rico on the worldwide dnb scene!

Once again – artwork duties were carried out by the guys at Yuva.TV.

(oh and again I’ve nicked the artwork from Rolldabeats temporarily until I get my own versions online)