Nerve 008 – SKC/Pyro

Nerve008 artwork

(this was a white label only release so there is no artwork)

Cat No: NERVE008 – The Ternary Series Part 3
Artist: SKC / Pyro
Released: 2003

Tracklisting – click track title for 320kbps MP3 download

A: “No Way” – SKC

AA: “Sea of Change” – Pyro

Paul Reset’s notes:

This is the third in the Ternary Series – for more info on the series check Part 1.

People still ask me about this 12 and unfortunately I don’t really know of any copies left in existence – but thankfully in today’s Serato/CDJ friendly world you can get the tracks here and spin em to your hearts content!

We were very happy to welcome SKC back onboard – his NERVE002 release still stands out for many as the finest 12 that we ever put out and we were glad to show another side of his production here. At the time he was mostly known for techy rollers and here he delivers a brilliant slice of liquid dnb with a hard edge (liquid with baws I like to call it) – full on funk!

On the flip is the much talked about “Sea of Change” from Pyro. An epic slice of futuristic drum n bass with it’s beautiful atmospheric intro leading to a sub bass you could wash yourself in. He would later go back in on it and remix it alongside 154 but we’ll have more on that later.

So this brought the Ternary Series to an end and we thought to ourselves “what next”….we had to come out with something a bit special to follow these three 12s….