Nerve 006 – Kiko/Pyro

Yup - it's a blowfish

(this was a white label only release so there is no artwork, I have attempted to bring humour to the post by finding an amusing image related to a track title)

Cat No: NERVE006 – The Ternary Series Part 1
Artist: Kiko / Pyro
Released: 2003

Tracklisting – click track title for 320kbps MP3 download

A: “Blowfish” – Kiko

AA: “Vertical Pursuit (Route 154)” – Pyro

Paul Reset’s notes:

Well after the relative success of NERVE005 I thought we’d try something a bit different. Not wanting to just release another 12″ in the conventional method, I thought a three part series of white label only releases would be quite nice. One, they’d be quick and easy to release so we could get the tracks out quicker – and two, the lower cost would ease the usual “we distribute vinyl so therefor are usually scared to release new artists material unless it’s an anthem” mindset of distributors. I called it “The Ternary Series” – and this was part 1.

So, Kiko from the US sent me the amazing “Blowfish”. An amazingly funky but techy chunk of dnb. To this day – still a favourite from the back catalogue and one I play more often than most of the back cat – still sounds amazing on a system. Unfortunately Kiko doesn’t really produce anymore and has kinda vanished, so if anyone knows Kiko, or if you’re reading this Kiko – please get in touch! We’d love to put out more of your stuff or at least get “Blowfish” a wee 2009 update!!

For the flip, Pyro delivered the dark, rollin tech of “Vertical Pursuit” – with brilliant and chunky production, this one completed the 12 perfectly.

Pyro’s Notes:

It was great to have Kiko join the Nerve stable. He’s done a lot of tunes I liked but Paul managed to spot Blowfish amongst a host of good tunes and we went with it. On the flipside we have one of my personal favourites of my production. There’s something about the furustic vibe of vertical pursuit that I really really like. It’s also one of my better titles I think.