Nerve 003 – Psidream

Nerve 003 artwork

Cat No: NERVE003
Artist: Psidream
Released: 2002

Tracklisting – click track title to download 320kbps Mp3:

A: “Refraction”

AA: “Quiver”

Paul Reset’s notes:

Canadian drum n bass supremo Psidream has since gone on to big things with releases on Barcode, Uprising and Renegade Hardware but when we received his demo in 2002 he was yet to have a release.

Both of these tracks jumped out at me – especially “Refraction” – it reminded me of the Audio Blueprint sound – nice and techy but with a real groove to it – good quality techy funk. So this was his debut release and it had a good impact within the scene at the time and picked up lots of favourable reviews. He would return to Nerve later on NERVE007 with “Wendigo” but more on that later.

For info – the MP3s are unfortunately vinyl rips as I’ve lost the WAVs of the tracks – this is the last Nerve release in the same boat and all other uploads will be encoded from the original WAVs (NERVE004 onwards).

More info on Psidream can be found on his Myspace page.

Once again – artwork duties were carried out by the guys at Yuva.TV.

(oh and again I’ve nicked the artwork from Rolldabeats temporarily until I get my own versions online)