Nerve 001 – Pyro

Nerve 001 artwork

Cat No: NERVE001
Artist: Pyro
Released: October 2001

Tracklisting – click track title for 320kbps Mp3 download:

A: Tension

AA: Spaced

Paul Reset’s notes:

After myself and Pyro had a few collaborative releases under our belts on labels like Trouble on Vinyl and Flex it seemed like a logical step to launch our own label. Dylan from Alphamagic got in touch offering to set it all up for it – nice and simple P&D style. After scratching our heads for a name for a while we finally came up with Nerve and the label was born!

Originally we had planned to use the label to release just our own material and these two tracks had been kicking around on dub, getting a fair bit of attention, so they seemed the perfect candidates to kick us off.

For the artwork, we were given the luxury of a fully designed bag as opposed to the black disco bag, at the time I was co-running an event called LiveVEvil in Glasgow and Nick who designed all the flyers offered to help out with the artwork. I jumped at the offer and the above artwork was designed!

Although the tracks do sound a little dated now, I’m still very proud of them and will never forget playing “Tension” off a 10″ plate to a packed Glasgow Art School crowd, seeing them go off and thinking “aye” πŸ™‚

So grab the MP3s and play em loud.

(oh and again I’ve nicked the artwork from Rolldabeats temporarily until I get my own versions online)

Pyro’s Notes:

This is as nostalgic as it gets for me. I was skeptical when Reset suggested we start a label. Mainly due to ignorance but luckily it all turned out quite nicely, and I never expected what we’d manage to build from there.Β  “Tension” really makes me realise how much I’ve progressed, but I still have a soft spot for those horror stabs. <3