Linden – Captives


With a reputation as one of the UK’s best up and coming producers Linden has been makin’ the moves and duckin n diving of late and he’s decided to give away a cracking tune of his called “Captives”. It’s a belter of a tune – quality half time dnb bizness so make sure it’s in your serato crate/CD wallet.

Watch out for more material from Linden on Nerve in late 09/early 2010. Also, if you haven’t grabbed it yet I highly recommend you grab his Hidden EP (NERVEEP001) for more techy bangers!

Use the Soundcloud player below to stream or download the MP3.

Captives by Linden

In his own words:

Little halftime thing I made last year. Had always meant to go back in on this but Ive managed to lose most of the samples so thought might as well give it away

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Linden on Soundcloud