Konflict remix of Paragliders “Share of Bitterness”

Share of Bitterness - Konflict rmx

I decided to start a new feature on the site where I basically giveaway wee lost gems from labels that no longer exist anymore or the releases have gone out of print etc. Meaning basically no-ones losing any money apart from people selling the second hand vinyl (and the labels/artists don’t make anything from that anyway) and the labels and artists (where contactable) don’t mind it being offered for free download.

Sooo anyway – first up in my wee lost gems dig is the Konflict remix of the Paraglider’s “Share of Bitterness” on Glasgow label WAQT from 1998. This was Konflict’s first release and IMO is still one of the best things they ever did – lovely rollin’ drums underpin an Optical-esque crunchy bassline and sub with the ethereal vocals floating around on top. Ok the drums aren’t anywhere near as polished as later work and things are a bit rough round the edges, but I think it still sounds great to this day.

Kemal and Rob gave me my first proper gig way back in 97 at their club night at Yang in Glasgow and I still remember hearing this on the PA and thinking it just sounded absolutely huge. They would of course go on to release many a monster tune but this one still holds a special place in my heart.

So here it is!

The Paragliders – “Share of Bitterness (Konflict rmx)”

If you’re the owner of the copyright on this release and would like it removed – just email me and let me know and I’ll remove it. Also – if you have any ideas for other lost gems that you’d like to share with the world – drop me an email.

I found an old CD recently from Kemal and Rob around the time when they made “Roadblock” and it has a never released track on it, I can’t seem to find it at the mo but once I uncover it I’ll get that uploaded also for the Konflict fans.