KMC – Unreleased tracks for download and new label coming soon

Micro Deep Beats logo

KMC is a bit of a legend in the drum n bass scene – especially for those who prefer the deeper beats. The Scottish producer released some amazing atmospheric drum n bass on labels like Good Looking, 720, Partisan and Timeless. After becoming a bit disillusioned with the scene in the late 90’s he took a break to concentrate on other things, waiting in the shadows for drum n bass to regain some of the credibility that it had sadly lost.

The new deep drum n bass championed by the likes of Doc Scott and Loxy has seen KMC return with some top quality new beats and a label coming soon entitled Micro Deep Beats.

Keep an eye on KMC’s Soundcloud for more info on releases and as a bonus he’s uploaded a bundle of amazing unreleased beats from the late 90s for free download. Get em down the pipes and get ready for an education in quality beats.

Unreleased tracks from late 1990’s by KMC