ICR – Restored – free album

ICR - Restored album artwork

ICR has delivered time and time again for Nerve (with NERVE018, NERVEBP002 and NERVEBP003) and he’s a producer I’m constantly pestering for new material. An ability to draw on any number of influences to create a drum n bass concoction that’s uniquely his own and free of any associations to passing trends in dnb has seen him carve out his own niche and build an untarnished reputation.

While he was previously one of the most prolific producers in the scene, other commitments have seen him spend less time recently on new material. But thankfully he’s back with an amazing new free album called “Restored”.

Showcasing his ability to create otherworldly atmospherics and wrapping them in tough beats and bass, he’s also included his headwrecking remix of Goldie’s rave classic “Krisp Biscuit” and DJ Trax pops in at the end to turn in an amazing hip hop remix of “Less Than Three”.

Here’s a coupla clips below to give you a taster and you can also download the album in a handy ZIP file complete with artwork here:

Download ICR’s “Restored” LP

ICR – “Nevermore”

ICR – “Heavy Water”

ICR – “Less Than Three (DJ Trax remix feat. Assorted Anonymous)”

Watch out for more new material from ICR in the shape of two albums – one for his own Misspent Music imprint (“Between Nowhere and Goodbye”) and one for Counter Intelligence (“Such Unimportant Things Like Us”).