BZ – Positive Vibes VIP


We signed up BZ’s “Positive Vibes” for the Intercity EP (NERVEEP002) and despite being quite a departure from the usual Nerve shenanigans, it was one of the most popular tracks of the 8 and always went off big style when played out.

Soooooo he’s went back in on it and shook things up a bit and toughened up the track even more!
Download it, burn it to CD, put it in your Serato crate or whatever and watch the floor go absolutely mental when this drops!

BZ’s been making some waves as always around the Scottish scene both as a DJ and an MC so for more info check his Myspace page.

Click track title for 320kbps MP3 download or fire up the audio player to give it a listen.

BZ – Positive Vibes VIP